Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alone on a Goon Island

On Monday the Jets 

 won a listless game 24-6 over their hated and 0-5 pathetic rival, the Miami Dolphin,  better Luck 

 next year.

On a night where the Jets inducted players into their Ring of Honor and got a much needed win
they didn't earn any honor or respect among their fans as their performance was lackluster. Check that we have one player who deservedly was introduced last

who was worth the price of admission - Darrelle Revis - who in terms of greatness is truly alone on Jet Goon Island. Right now without him the team is mediocre at best.

  • The offense is a joke. We went 3 and out on 4 straight drives. Pathetic. Should have fired Brian Schottenheimer one year early rather than one year too late
  • Offensive line played better but Sanchez was out of sync and running game below average
  • Plaxico is off to a slow start - He's invisible. He better get it together soon or go back to D-Block
  • The defense puts little QB pressure and isn't swarming
  • Special Teams have been good. Not perfect but good
 At 3-3 we are in the middle of the pack with the explosive Chargers coming into town. We are like 31st in total 1st downs this year. Horrible. We've beaten the Chargers several times the last few years, but their kicker Nate Kaeding is out for the year so we can't rely on him to miss game winning kicks against us anymore. Time to progress, not regress anymore. If we don't play better Revis will indeed be alone on an Island.

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