Friday, October 14, 2011

Touching Base

Why do people forget to bring the bases in softball?

It's definitely not a A96 or B96 thing and its clearly important as most league stipulate "Any team without bases will be visiting team for both games."   So what is it?

Let's explore possible reasons for this occurrence:

Top Ten Reasons People Forget to bring the bases in softball

10. You thought the "other team" was going  to bring them - Ghetto
9. Bring Bases? Dude you team manager is lucky enough to find his way home at night - Dumb factor
8. You ain't gonna lie - You  just too lazy to bring them - Lazy
7. You confused your bases with Pizza delivery boxes - like Latina Parrilla did last week - ????

6. It's part of your master plan to annoy the umpire - good strategy - NOT
5. You league measures the bases too far anyway do fuck it way bring them - Fight The Power
4. You need them - ?????
3. Just another distraction that helps yo get through the day (ruins your day) - Annoying
2. Too cheap to buy bases - so you look to hustle some from the previous game - Economics

and the Number One Reason People Forget to bring the bases in softball

1. No excuse - Bring the Bases Bitch

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