Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ozzie is to Twitter as Ricky is to Blog .. Sign the Petition

Earlier this week, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen was given a two game suspension by MLB for posting remarks about his ejection on the social media outlet Twitter. Well now it's my turn to face suspension and blog about it, as today in Central Park I was ejected by

who we all know from my previous posting over the years
is "confrontational, terrible and an outright cancer/detriment to the league."

Letting me quickly go in depth on another Johnson debacle today

  • During our doubleheader on one play, he and his partner almost forgot to call infield fly

  • We had to wait for him between pitches b/c he was talking to spectators. Unprofessional

  • In game 1, during a close play at 1st, our bench yelled safe and in a typical nasty Mr Johnson tone he told our bench you can't yell safe. Huh??? Talk about Rabbit ears.

  • While trailing 2-0 in the bottom of the 5th and the bases loaded he failed to call two consecutive down the middle pitches strikes. Not One, Two. Pathetic

  • I was catching, and after the 2nd missed call, without turning my head, I asked him where it was, he said high. - No way in hell. No way. He's a liar

  • After ball four, which was way outside, without turning my head I told him you suck. Your missing the game and your the worst.

  • He responded "Good ahead Say it again"

  • I responded with curse after curse after curse after curse after curse after curse after curse after curse after curse after curse - you get the idea.

  • Needless to say, i was ejected.

  • Whatever - he's the worst. Everyone on my team, the other team, the spectators, other league players ALL 100% agreed with me enough is enough.

  • Afterwards he 100% denied antagonizing me by saying "Good ahead and Say it again". Liar. Everyone heard you and saw you - you know what you did. Your a Liar.

Normally, I would feel embarrassed about getting tossed and yelling, but quite honestly I know "Mr" Johnson deserved it. He's a joke and has to go.

Ironically. I'm the one facing suspension now.
I am not the problem.
He is the problem. - A big problem

Search your feelings and knowledge of the game and you'll know I am speaking the truth

So do yourself a favor Big Apple League and take a Stand. FIRE MR JOHNSON NOW!!!!!!!

To help the league I have created a petition for everyone to sign.

The only way to make a difference to let the Powers that be know he's gotta go.

Don't let yourself fall into the following excuses for keeping a nasty incompetent problem like Mr Johnson around my making excuses like

  1. He's just trying to earn some money

  2. He won't work in the playoffs.

  3. He's been umping here forever
I'm mad as hell and can't take him anymore. He's got to go. It's the right thing to do. You all know deep in your hearts he's the worst. He has no softball street respect. None


  1. Dude,
    I don't care about all of that. You were out of line. You should be embarassed for yourself. Not cool. And blasting him on your blog is weak.
    Not Mr. Johnson

  2. I say they hire Charlie to replace Mr. Magoo , he's cheaper and if your bench yells loud enough , you can influence his calls . He only charges $2 per player , or you can bring fried chicken instead of the loot .

  3. Say something and move on. Cursing is uncalled for and you should've been suspended for the season. Moron