Friday, October 14, 2011

Why it's more than Just a Game

Central Park closed this week, but before it did I was reminded about what made it special as I ran across some exchange student's

 playing softball for pretty much the 1st time

 and it was cool seeing them enjoy the game.

Perhaps one of the best parts about baseball/softball I enjoy is the diversity, as you can be black, white, tall, short, fat, skinny, rich or poor and the game still has a place for you. Diversity is what make it more than just a game as you meet people and learn things you never would have if the sport didn't exist.


It's up to you to become a better player, but if you are around the game long enough you just might be lucky enough to meet the right people and become a better person.


  1. Asking those International Players, like Romey Rome,from the Martin show.. "what is the infield fly rule " was unfair.
    There are ball players right now, that you play with, that don't know that rule. That ain't right Ricky...: )

  2. Love Heckscher Softball

  3. Great stories,great blog.