Monday, October 3, 2011

SB Identity Kept Secret

Frequently when someone comes forward with information regarding sensitive subject matter their identity is kept secret for their own protection.

Well yesterday the Classic Big Apple Central Park "CP"  Championship series between West and Choice Parts was cancelled by the the CP conservancy as the fields were deemed "too wet" and/or being re-sodded. Thus, no games were played. Very disappointing.

Well a high ranking source in the Big Apple league has come forward on the condition we keep his identity hidden to shed light on this unfortunate chain of events.

Thank you for the exclusive interview and don't worry your true SB self is still a secret - you should have no problem obtaining another permit for next Sunday. Weather permitting

1 comment:

  1. CAST IS OFF!!!
    Guess who's back? Back again! Jimmy's Back! Tell a Friend!

    I was shocked to find out Monday morning that games were not played. I was injured and still sore but its nice to know i can show up for the game!