Thursday, June 30, 2011

Un SB Verano En Nueva York!!

Arguably the greatest salsa music band of all time is El Gran Combo and perhaps their best song ever is "Un Verano En Nueva York" (a Summer in NY) where they sing that the best time of your life is a summer in New York.

It captures what a great place New York is to live, especially in the summer time. The spirit of the Gran Combo was alive and strong at Dewitt Clinton Park (54th street) last night as the best softball summer you could ever spend is a summer in New York.

54th street has quirky field rules
and unique teams
but what I like most about it is the old school fans who enjoy the night to the fullest.

and the players join in of course

Heck even softball version of Eric Estrada
umpire Lootcho
stopped by to acknowledge everyone

The party went on well into the night

as there is no better place than a SB Verano en NY

I'm glad I stayed. Great time. On a side note I almost left early and missed the party but lead softball analyst John Sheppard
and I cut a deal. The deal was : I would stay as long as he wanted as long as long as he jogged around the Park once with me. He kept his word, ran around the whole field in flip flops. Hilarious!!!!! Very cool - much props

Great way to begin Un SB Verano en Nueva York !!!!!


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  2. Rick, Un Verano in NY, nice touch & w/ class.

  3. Thats a hot bitch you got there John.