Friday, June 24, 2011

4 Inning Rule ... hmmm .. Nah

I had no game scheduled today so right after I finished working for the Man, I took a ride out to Prospect Park and officiated a game in probably the league with the best sportsmanship I've seen During per-game field dimension administration, I applied some of the umpiring skills I've learned
and got all set for a Crescendo and Rebels match-up that did not disappoint.

Crescendo Ace Lesley was dominant

striking out 9 over 4 innings and also hitting a home run. Unfortunately, league rules classified her as "Type A" dominant and limit he to throwing only 4 innings per game. After Lesley was pulled from the game the scrappy Rebels rallied and earned a 3-2 walk off victory. Good Game

The 4 inning Type A pitching rule employed by this league got me to thinking: Why don't men league's use a 4 inning rule for "dominant" pitchers?

Top Ten Reasons Men league's Don't Use a 4 inning Dominant Pitcher Rule

10. Dominant pitchers get paid and 4 innings work would fuck up the pay scale
9. Too many lawyers in Softball who would argue about who is and who isn't dominant. The reality is that the real Bitches are in the Men leagues, not the women's league
8. 4 innings would be too complicated to keep track off
7. Stud pitchers wouldn't show up to only play 4 innings
6. Non Dominant pitchers wouldn't show up to only play 3 innings
5. Makes too much sense. I mean who needs competitive balance
4. Too many morons would ask questions and we would waste a lot of time explaining it to them. I mean we've been stuck on "What's the inning? What's The Score? What's the count ? for over a century
3. Just another rule people would find a way to cheat and beat the system on
2. Honestly, the rule is a little bit too league. What's next pitch counts?

and the Number One Reason Men league's Don't Use a 4 inning Dominant Pitcher Rule

1. Ego


  1. It depends if you want to have a competitive league or not. Winning is the goal. You have to beat the dominant pitcher. They never asked Koufax or Gooden to come out after 4. Nor should they. - Chuck

  2. Its ridiculous. Its the same as the "everybody gets a trophy" crap. Just ridiculous.

  3. she looks great for 42.