Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wild West Ending

West avenged a game 1 loss to the Rangers by turning a SHOCKING game ending triple play
to secure and hang on to a wild 4-3 nightcap victory. The triple play was made in large part thanks to West's manager John Sheppard's "All In" 5 infielders strategy. Up by one in the bottom of the 7th, the Rangers two fastest base runners led off the inning by reaching safely and experienced all fields hitter Gilberto Gonzalez was at the plate. Sheppard decided to get aggressive and brought in OF Gubi to play second base and shifted second baseman Dino Oliveras to the up the middle slot. Then as if on cue, Gonzalez lined a bullet in the air to Gubi (out #1) who threw to Dino at second (out #2) who threw to Angelo at 1st (out #3) and the SHOCKING triple play went down to end the game.
Shocking... just fucking shocking.

To compound matters, the triple play was on the heels of a furious 3 run Ranger 6th inning rally that was squashed with poor base running. Shocking

Asked about the last 2 innings Ranger Manager Jimmy Bitros said "It was like watching like an accident that you couldn't stop. "


There are no such things as devastating June losses, but this ending does prove that shocking losses can happen at any time.


  1. Congrats to West on making the game ending triple play and the previous inning's inning-ending and rally-killing double play. Those two plays required nearly 10 throws, and West made them all.

    Amazing to have 5 outs made on 2 of the last 4 batted balls, and to have 4 base runners (3 in scoring position)retired in a one run game.

    Props to West.

  2. Ang is the man

  3. Ang is a f.....g goon,so is that little midget next to him.