Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SB Hot Topic Faceoff

I figure if the TV political types can Face Off on issues why can't Softball players do the same? So I've decided to add a Softball Face Off feature to the blog.

Today's Hot SB Face Off Topic is "Is a Baseball and Softball Swing the Same or Different?"

To debate this issue I've enlisted two softball legends Tony Baseball and John Cordero,

Tony's Take (bad pun intended) is

while John stance (worse pun intended ) is

and when they Faced Off on this great topic

I think Tony's aggressiveness put John in a little bit of a defensive hitting position (corny metaphor I know). Either way I want to thank both my guests for their insight on this is a very interesting topic.

Now I want to know what do you think? Please fill out the poll I've put up on the blog.
Thank you.

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  1. Says tweedle dee to tweedle dum.