Friday, June 10, 2011

Catcher Web Gems Sparks Rebels in PPWSL

Tonight in stunningly beautiful Prospect Park the Rebels of the earned an 11-7 victory over the The Thunder. The Rebels got out to a big lead 8-1 and then inexplicable pulled their ace starter Heather "Heat" (left below), The Thunder took advantage of this move by scoring 5 runs and loading the bases. That's when Heather had to come back in relief and save the day. As everyone knows behind every starter there is a catcher and the Rebel catcher Lisa (right below) made three outstanding defensive web gems to help her teammate out.
Excellent Work

On a side note, after playing many games in the old Wall Street league with Tony Ferrazzo as the official, this game marked my first time working with him.
It was an honor

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