Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two for One Special : Big Poppas and B-Day All in One!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a true real wold doubleheader for me. In the 1st half of the DH it was Father's Day and with the help of all my Westie's teammates

I just wanted to wish to give a big Big Poppa's Day shout out
to all the Father's out there.The second part of reality twin bill was my Birthday as I caught up to Jackie Robinson and turned the BigA cool part of my birthday was that other softball players like Neal, Little Louie, and Ed "Whimpie" Colon all shared the same Birthday as I do,June 19th, and I was able to share/spend some of the day with my fellow birthday brother's. Ironically, I also share the same birthday as the legendary Iron Horse Lou Gehrig
and while my playing skills will never be confused with the Iron Horse, "I do consider myself the luckiest man on the face of this earth"
Finally, as is my Birthday Blog tradition I will post Gwen Stefani's morbid but cool 6 Feet Under Birthday song, b/c while a Birthday is one day closer to the end, it makes you appreciate all the wonderful things and people in your life while your still 6 feet over.


  1. Didn't Juan get toss from this game ? I think he was the first Father on Fathers Day sent to the Showers.........: )

  2. Didn't know it was your Birthday.
    I bless thee.
    And order you to do 3 hail Marys for Foul language,
    and hereby declare that you enjoy the rest of the month in celebration (on and off the field.)


  3. Happy Birthday , Rick ! ......nobody better ! My gift to you is , I'm gonna bet the Mets the rest of the year !

    BM .