Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jimmy Luck

A good game was on tap in Jersey City last night as West NY was going to take on last year's champ Pershing at 8pm at Mary Benson. West NY would be missing several players for this game including pitcher Jimmy Meyers (left below) who was away on vacation. Early Monday morning Jimmy sent me an email saying "I'm praying for rain". It was a glorious day yesterday so I just laughed and recognized his love for softball b/c he hates missing games, but deep down I knew that the 8pm scheduled game would be played. Game time approached and as I parked near the field I received a phone call from head umpire Pat Ryan who stated that b/c of work being done on the firehouse next to the field all power on the block was completely shut off. Meaning the lights wouldn't come on and the game was cancelled. A park's department official on the scene confirmed Pat's statements. Game off. Unreal !!!!!

This morning I received the following email from Jimmy "As my wife would say: "Jimmy Luck" and I am known for this kind of shit happening a lot. I won the super bowl box pool this year and I win office lottery pools at least once a year, rain outs happen when I'm away or the other team forfeits, my football game gets cancelled because field is to damaged from rain the night before so many other little things. "Jimmy Luck" its been a running joke for like 20 years and my friends like Wolfie know about it. On my honeymoon during playoffs back in 2000, down in 28th st league no umpire showed up, now that's 1 in a million shot and since it was 1st round there was no way to reschedule until following week, but this is a new one for the books!!! Haha. "

Jimmy Luck - Unreal !!!!!!!!!


  1. And he pitches illegal.

  2. No such thing as luck.

  3. Luck of the Irish.

    Jim Bitros

  4. Nice to know that he wins $ quite often. Maybe I can get my ump fees!

  5. Who is more illegal, Meyers or Cedric?

  6. I pitch illegal??? HAHA
    I guess you cant touch the heater, wait for the lob ball and then you can hit like a man.
    I never bring my arm back over my head or even break my elbow. I stand with both feet on mound and squared to plate. Why dont umpires call illegal pithes on me? I see many pitchers that dont even start on mound but since they cant throw hard noone says anything. Just because its hard to hit vs Cedric or myself, then players say we are illegal. Cedric is alot better then me because he hardly throws lob balls for strikes when he gets behind, he never gives in to batters.
    Bobby Fishman is illegal if you want to get into rules, you have to have both feet on rubber. Anyway, here is a list of rules.

  7. ASA Softball Modified Pitching Rules
    X Kevin ScobeeA writer since 2002, Kevin Scobee grew up in Kansas City, Mo., and has appeared in "The Clay-Platte Dispatch," "The Maple Woods Zebra," and the award-winning "Park Stylus." Scobee was the sports editor at Park University, where he received a degree in journalism.
    By Kevin Scobee, eHow Contributor
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    The Amateur Softball Association was established as the governing body of softball in 1933, and is a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee. The ASA oversees the rules and regulations for all types of softball like fastpitch, slowpitch, and the baseball-like adaption of the two, modified.

    Modified softball puts limits on the arm motion of the pitcher so the ball is delivered at a reduced velocity, like slowpitch, but without an arc, like fastpitch. There are three main components that make up a modified softball pitching delivery: the starting position, the backswing, and the forward swing to release.

    Starting Position
    The pitcher must start with both feet on the rubber with hips and shoulders both square to home plate. A 1-to-10-second pause must be taken before the initial movement into the pitching motion. However, precedent does call for it to be a "distinct pause," which is left to the umpire's discretion. The purpose of the rule is to prevent the pitcher from gaining an unfair motion for the delivery of the ball, and to prevent "quick pitching."

    The pitcher must backswing directly out of the pause by moving the pitching hand backward to start the delivery. In an effort to gain more velocity, the pitcher is allowed to take the ball behind the back or outward (both "within reason") or over the head. Additionally, the pitcher is may lift the front foot off the ground first, and slide or drag the pivot foot, as long as the pivot foot remains in contact with the rubber.

    In modified softball pitching, though, the pitcher may not step back or sideways off the rubber with the pivot foot, use a "rocker" motion to start the windup, or use a windmill motion, because all actions would be an effort to create a distinct advantage for the pitcher.

    The Delivery
    The pitcher in modified softball must release the ball on the first movement toward the plate that passes the hip in an underhand motion. Also, the shoulders should be roughly square to the plate. The rules point out that while it is almost impossible to square the shoulders completely, the intent is to eliminate any cross-body slingshot deliveries, such as sidearm.

    Taking one forward step is allowed as long as the foot comes down within the 24-inch width of the pitching rubber, and the pitcher is allowed to throw any legal softball pitch such as a curve ball, a drop ball, or a slider.


  8. Sheeeet , if these are the rules , all these mofo pitchers are illegal !

  9. Exactly!!!!

    WE know the pitchers that take it way beyond even trying to be legal.

    Jimmy Meyers

  10. It's been a slippery slope for the past 4 years. We all know what has to be done.