Friday, June 3, 2011

Pitching is like Novacaine

It's June and rosters are getting juggled & settled on by many Big Apple teams as they prepare for the heart of the season. Working Class "WC" has been particularly active on the player movement front as they recently lost a key player , but the marvelous pitching of staff ace
Manny Acosta
has kept them competitive and given WC Owner, GM, Manager, Catcher, and Dentist Marty
a chance to go out and make a big acquisition - Cedric Washington! Marty had the following to say about his big move

This move instantly makes WC a contender b/c pitching is like Novocaine - give it time and it always works.


  1. don't forget the free teeth cleaning offered in the bargain .

  2. So fucking funny.


  3. Look at those pearly whites.