Tuesday, June 7, 2011

9.1% is the Real Humbling Enemy

In the past I've blogged about Softball enemies:
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but these softball fiends are nothing compared to ultimate villain Unemployment.

It's often been said that baseball/softball is a humbling game and one of my favorite quotes is from Hall of Famer Goose Gossage when he stated

"Those who have not been humbled will be soon be humbled".

I have humbled in softball many times, but nothing is more humbling than Unemployment


As of April 29th, 2011, I became unemployed and quite frankly it's frustrating, sucks, and is worse than any error, slump, crooked league, or umpire that I have ever encountered. I am now part of the 9.1 % May unemployment rate statistic. Unemployment makes you feel powerless, frustrating, and truly humble. In the past, being unemployed had some sort of stigma attached to it like you were dumb, lazy, and a loser. However, with the economy in it's current state it is so prevalents and common place that it is accepted and understandable. Crazy.

Unemployment does not discriminate
and higher oil prices
the cost of living
depressed housing market
and companies tightening their belts by cutting jobs are holding back the economy. The recession is like a bad traffic jam
with everyone trying to squeeze their way
to the same job location. It's enough to drive you made and make you want to sit on top of a rock in solitude
and think about where everything went wrong and where is help coming from.

The short run reality is that not much help is coming from Uncle Sam b/c he's focused on debt reduction and slashing spending. Common sense tells you that when your in a budget cutting and cost saving mode that public sector job growth ain't happening.

Unemployment is a unmerciful, relentless and possibly overwhelming enemy that can only be fought with hustling, networking, creativity, and humbling yourself to do the little things needed to survive. Ironically, those are the same qualities you need to survive in baseball/softball.

America and baseball fans loves a comeback, especially from fallen/humbled figures.

Time for a Comeback


  1. The real unemployment rate is closer to 17% Ricky. Hang in there.

    jack s

  2. It's true Ricky, unemployment figures are tallied from those getting unemployment benefits, if your benefits have run out and you're still unemployed you're no longer counted. Will be joining your ranks and adding to the number on the 15th of June. You know what they say, figures don't lie but liars figure. Wil E.

  3. more softball for you.

  4. if you're on a budget , I'd start giving up those Cadbury Milk Chocolate bars , and go back to Hershey's , they're cheaper !