Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Respect the Permit - A96 does it right

Don't you hate when people aimless wander across your field when a game is going on? I mean c'mon they are fucking clueless. Same thing goes for people who layout on blankets or play football/soccer in the outfield when a game is going on. Why can't they respect the permit and let you get your softball swerve on in peace. Very frustrating and rude.

I've seen a lot of ugly Below 96th street Jeffrey Dahmer style responses to this type of permit violation over the years that involves yelling, fighting, ugly confrontations, and threats. Recently, I was about to play a doubleheader Above 96th Street that had football players invading the field. But instead of sic in' the pit bulls on them Diplomacy Above the 96th (A96) street barrier prevailed. Below is my A96 Video Coverage of this incident

Video #1 Football Players issue Identified by league commissioner Mario

Video # 2 Management begins A96 Diplomatic negotiations

Video 3 and 4 - ongoing A96 street management efforts

Video 5 & 6 - Issue appears resolved

But wait there is another permit violation - Video #7

A96 Mangement quickly and clamly acts - Video 8

Video #9 - A96 Management gets the football players to leave the field for good

With the field clear of trespassers, Hustler Management
and the players got down to business
to earn two sweet victories. After softball was over, Mario had a BBQ A96 style
to relax and unwind. B96 players have a lot to learn from A96 Mario as he handled this messing issue very smoothly.

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