Friday, June 10, 2011

Biggest Softball Losers

A lot of softball players have the stereotype of being fat and out of shape.
OK there are a lot of fat guys in softball, but so what that doesn't mean you have to accept it. You can get up and be a man and do something about. I did just that and so can you.

A lot of people have complemented me on my weight loss this year and asked "

"What's you secret"?

The secret is that it's not a secret. It's basically comes down to what is best for you.

On January 23rd (picture below) I weighed 219 pounds
the next day (Jan 24th after the Jets lost) I had my physical and weighed 219 with a cholesterol level of 210 and high blood pressure of 130/90. The doctor advised me that if in six months my blood pressure wasn't normal 120/80 I would go on medication (2nd year in a row it was a little high). My dad had a heart attack almost 4 years ago and I said fuck this, it's time to jog and eat right fat boy. I had to do this for me. It was therapy. It was recovery. I needed it.

The good news is I was active before I started dieting and that really helped me gain momentum and lose weight. My initial goals was to get under 200 pounds, so I made sure I only ate low cholesterol foods,did cardio 6 days a week, and gave up hard liquor/beer. I took my next physical on March 31st and I now weigh between 186-190
with 150 cholesterol and normal blood pressure. I now drink wine like everyday (yeah I know metro sexual) and have a beer once or twice a week (after a game). I'm happy where I am now and I am never going back to where I was

As the season started I was pleasantly surprised that I was not alone in the Biggest Softball Loser club
as several other players have taken steps to improve their health:

Here is my salute to their accomplishments and Membership in the Biggest Softball Loser Club:

Dio Jackson - lost 15 pounds and counting - don't stop brother
Juan "Siehe" - lost 15 pounds and counting - I know you will get there
Mario - Lost 15 pounds and counting - Holler!!!!!
Berg Reyes - lost 30+ pounds and counting - amazing!!!!!!!

Edgar Jr - lost 40 pounds and counting
(P.S I know there isn't Diet Coke in that can Edgar)

On a personal note, I never ever thought Edgar could make such changes. I am so happy I was wrong, It takes a strong man to take a stand, face his demons, and change. I salute you. Don't Stop until you get to your weight destination.

Alex Rivas lost 80 pounds - reached goal !!!!
Fucking Amazing Brother you can do anything!!!!

and the biggest Softball Loser of them all Jeff Marcus - 115 pounds overall !!!!!
In an exclusive interview Jeff Marcus commented on his joining the Biggest SB Loser Club

Congratulation and good luck to all of you.
You are all the Man - Maximum respect!!!!!

If your interested in making a change I suggest go the doctor 1st (if you haven't already) and get your medicals, and his OK/thoughts/suggestions 1st, then just make small changes :
  • 1st b/c the weather is really hot so drink mad water - you will pee but that's OK
  • never skip a meal, Never!!! In fact have small healthy meals all day - fruit, protein bars, yogurt. I don't like salad but it's good for you. Love carrots and hummus
  • Limit liquor and beer - Sundays is OK
  • Cut soda - even diet, try seltzer and/or crystal light
  • Forget sugar
  • Drink Tea with Honey
  • No fried foods, wings, and limit cheese. I love cheese but gave it up, have low fat cheese instead in small portions.
  • Eat whole wheat bread in morning only, but since you play ball for lunch is cool
  • Forget rice for now, or just have once a week before 7pm
  • Eat low fat meat, chicken, fish
Someone as active as you will get results fast and don't even stress getting results fast.
It's about feeling better.
It's OK to be this type of loser.


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