Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Go West Young Man

After shocking me on Sunday
NY West manager John Sheppard helped me on Monday

by sending NY West players Jimmy Meyers and Guby West to Jersey City
www.jerseycitysoftball to play for West NY
and thank god he did as we rallied from 4 runs down to improve to 4-0.

No game ending triple play this time. Thank God


  1. Jimmy whats up, I see your a 2 Sport Star..Football and Softball.....OJ.

  2. Hey OJ! Ricky was playing in Jersey City and didnt even know i lived there,so i hooked up with him. Its fun because fields are only 5 minutes away. I hope i can win a Chip here also and make it a good year! :)
    Do you umpire anywhere in CP?

  3. That Jimmy is funny