Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne doesn't share his bat
why should you? He keeps his inner demon (bat) to himself, so why should you share your bat.

I've noticed a lot of non pitchers don't own a bat and I've asked other players how they feel about this.

Bottom Line: Unless your a pitcher or a coach you should have your own bat.
It's equipment.
It's personal.
It's yours.
Get your own bat

Heck, some players personalize their own bats b/c it's a reflection of self or their image

This got me to thinking as to why people don't have their own bat

Top Ten Reasons a Non Pitcher/Coach Softball player doesn't have their own bat

10. Ghetto
9. This is the same motherfucker that will try and steal your girl
8. Grifter
7. Loser
6. Cheap Bastard - Go to Paragon and Buy a bat

5. Grass is always Greener on the other side
4. Poor
3. He is contemplating stealing your bat
2. Too stupid too understand points 10-3 above

and the Number One Reasons a Non Pitcher/Coach Softball player doesn't have their own bat

1.The player in question is either so good or so bad that it really doesn't matter what bat he uses. So not owning a bat isn't really an issue.


  1. LD (who uses my bat when I am around) plays in all these softball leagues and does not own a bat! If you are a casual player I understand, if you play plenty don't you want a bat that you consistently feel comfortable with?

  2. Ricky, nice touch w/ the Paragon commercial and SpiteFires.

  3. What's a SpiteFires???