Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Family That Blogs Together Stay Together - Special Wife Ghost Writer Edition

Softball Blogging is not limited to the males of this family
as today my wife Astrid
is ready to step up to the plate, I uh mean keyboard. Her Topic? Me of course ... enjoy

Top 10 excuses from Ricky as to why he's running late:

10) "I have to drive Aaron, Guby and Dio home." (translation- I'll be 2 hours late)

9) "I'm still playing softball." (translation- extra innings)

8) "I'm grabbing a quick beer with friends." (translation- go to sleep, I'm drinking. Time is irrelevant.)

7) Lincoln Tunnel traffic... no need to explain.

6) "I'm grabbing dinner at Malecon." (extra hour late- no parking, bad service)

5) "I'm still at the Mets game." (see translation for number 9)

4) "Can I play one more game?" (translation- I'm not coming home anytime soon)

3) "It's a beautiful day out today." (translation- don't make any plans for us)

2) "Would you mind walking Jazzi when you get home?" (translation- don't wait up for me)

and the Number One excuse as to why Ricky is running late...

1) He's Hispanic. "I'll be home at 8 pm" means 10 pm in real time. .. Hispanic Time.

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  1. Hey Ghost writer....nice job.
    Love the Hockey style mask.