Friday, June 3, 2011

Let's Go to the Video to see who deserved the Belt

Yesterday Lawyertime mounted a furious 7th inning rally to earn a 4-1 victory over Hardesty Hanover Friars and improved to 6-0 overall in the
The Big Three - Anthony , Lou, and Rick
fueled the furious last inning comeback but do they really deserve the belt?

Other factors should be considered like :
  • Starting pitcher John Rosenmiller did not give up an earned run
  • The defense
  • Hardesty Hanover Friars bottom of the 7th rally
As old school sports anchor Warner Wolf
would say "Let's go to the Video Tape"
Tape #1 - Rick makes a very nice catch in LF but a Hardesty rally brews

Tape #2 -SS Sito almost turns a double play but the trailing runner reaches and advances

Tape #3 - A rare walk by SP Rosenmiller loads the bases, but he bears down

Tape #4 - Money Clutch Catch by Lou 22 with the bases loaded and the blazing sun in his eyes

It was a team effort. Good Win. The Belt is just a figurehead for great for team chemistryNext on the list is the talented and scrappy Let's Play Two squad

A real champ ducks no one - the Belt will be on the line

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  1. None of that looked all that impressive. Basic pop ups.