Tuesday, May 31, 2011

8 Man Win - Always blog worthy

Today a new chapter
of my 8 man softball game history occurred. I improved to 4-1 overall while playing with 8 Men as today's victory belonged to the proud and resilient Old School squad
The other team started with 8 players as well, but added two members to strengthen their ranks. To compound matters they had a hard throwing slinger on the hill and jumped out to an early 3-0 lead.

But that's when Old School put into action the Old Skool motto of "If you want something done right you gotta do it yourself" by rallying for 7 runs and doing some serious softball multi-tasking. Manager Jimmy Meyers played pitcher, 2b, and catcher all at the same time time and softball teamwork was used on this short handed day when outfielders helped infielders chase down a runner in a run down play and get out of a jam. It was a true team effort.

That's the way you do it - Old School


  1. What pitcher did you face?

  2. Does Rickey play for Old School???

  3. Juan can't count???
    He is holding up 9 fingers.

  4. It was too hot and I was too lazy, too slow & too tired to bring down the last finger...JP

  5. Jimmy Meyers is a warrior.

    Jim B.

  6. With a nice smile.

  7. They were 0-5, bring 8 when you play us!!

  8. Bring 20 when you play us... you will need more.
    Especially if Tony/Powder is on your team.

  9. I felt like death that day! If Ricky didnt have gatorade,i might have been buried at home plate!
    I want any lawyers out there to know that CENTRAL PARK doesnt have the water fountains working and if i or anyone else faints or dies out there to get a law suit against the city!

    The 3 Monkeys have a good pitcher, around the plate and throws hard. They get 10 guys to game they might shock teams.

    Thanks Jimmy B!

    @Benji: if i bring 8 vs you and win then your whole team losses face and i think a few might commit suicide! haha J/K Cya soon!

    Tony is there to get on other teams nerves!!! :)
    Im hoping 1 day he realizes to use that powder on other team, blow it in their face when they are about to hit or field a ball!!! :)

    Cya on field guys,
    Jimmy Meyers for the political party "The Sun was to damn hot"

  10. Powder is the King

  11. On their nerves because he smells???