Monday, April 28, 2008


Today I sprained my ankle really bad on freak play.
It hurts like hell.
But I played through it for 3 REASONS:
(1) I'm stupid
(2) Heart
(3) Like my favorite character Warf on the nerdy Star Trek TV show used to say


The softball gods rewarded me with a good game as I was able to exorcise my terrible Saturday demons and contribute to a 2-1 West victory.

I've heard it said that softball players are old, fat, and out of shape.
Hey that's true, but their is a select elite few that carry on that warrior mentality till the end.
Here is my elite list of True Softball Warriors in no particular order

Murphy - he will never quit, doesn't quit, and will take whatever over the counter stacker drug needed to compete.

Gil - A top notch ballplayer who plays to win at all times.

Carlos Con - the guy's knee is almost shot - but he comes out to compete with great pride.

Lou "22" Gonzalez AKA The Commish - You can see the intensity and desire to win in his eyes. He has heart. A true champion

Mickey Pekins - short on size, big on confidence and courage. The guy is playing right now with 2 plates in his arm. He can't swing the bat yet and still plays. The softball love keeps him going

Jimmy Bitros - He's like the post office man of softball. Neither, rain, sleet. snow, nor injuries keeps him from playing.

Larry Trillo - who? He's a guy I played with in Long Island and Merrill Lynch. He's the guy on the other team you hate. He probably beat you up in high school.
You only like him when he's on your own team.
Comes from Brooklyn.
He's not scared of anyone and always plays hard.

Chucky - Who part II ? Skinny kid I play with on Wednesday with in Bob's league. The kid may not be smooth but he will run through a wall for you.

Ramish - came back from a serious injury to once again become a top pitcher.

Honorable Mention
Angelo West - 100% commitment to winning. Never quits
Wayne - Cardinals - built like truck but plays through injuries all the time
John Sheppard - played through serious knee injury last year
Dio - warrior manger - fights to the end to win
Gubi -plays hurt, but gives you a guilt trip about it
Castillo - believe or not John plays hurt at times especially at the end of the year. The problem is you start hurting more from his injuries than he does.



  1. Im insulted. Im like RODNEY DANGERFIELD around here. Not on the list???

    Jimmy Meyers

    I cant read these comments anymore, i thought they were insightful but now i have to read them as comedy skits.HAHA

  2. I missed this blog, so I am posting it up here for visibility.

    Rick, Blondie & Co, there is no such thing as 9 O'Clock modified. Where is this in the ASA rule book? It doesn't exist.

    Juan, as for your posting think about it. If you were to follow this 9 O'clock rule as simply as you stated in your posting who would be allowed to pitch? Pretty much no one. The 9 O'clock rule would eliminate Castillo, Freddie the Little Unit, Crazy Lou aka the Commish, etc, etc.... Pretty much everyone goes past nine. Yes, Castillo goes PAST NINE! Look at the pictures on

    What's comical about these pitching debates is that we are so caught up with the arm and no one is concerned with a pichers feet. So many of these leagues that follow this BS 9 O'clock rule will allow pitchers, to rock, take a step back, forward, break dance, ball juggle (deceiving the batter), and take step forward but as long as they don't go past 9 O'clock he's good.

    EMS league's banned list? Are we serious even posting this up here? That's a joke! CJ is a clown who doesn't know the pitching rules. Up until 2-3 years ago he had never seen the asa rule back and at that time he didn't know where the pitching rules were in the back. Illegal pitchers in EMS, it's interesting who a pitcher can be legal if you serve on the board. EMS league, Kakito is legal but not Ced???

    Simply said, Cedeworks is the perfect example of what a modified pitcher is.

    Steve J

  3. Softball warrior = guy with no life

  4. In response to Steve's comments about pitching...

    Steve, neither Ric, nor I, state that "9 o-clock" is an actual ASA rule; its simply a guide to follow. What makes a pitcher ILLEGAL is the "wrist-break/whipping motion." Check that in your rule book.

    I give you lots of credit for running a league. I know its a lot of work and mostly unappreciated. but you've been raised by slingers and your pitching views are polluted.

    We'll discuss further in person next time i see you. I will demonstrate to you the difference between modified and sling.

    - Juan
    Uptown Chiefs

  5. As per the ASA code there are 3 "MODIFIED" divisions; 9-man "A", 9-man "major" and 10-man. There is no "sling" division. All 3 divisions are considered MODIFIED and have their own pitching rules.
    If you want to be specific about the pitching rules you use in your league, refer to them as 10 man pitching rules.
    Remember, whether you use a bowling or a sling motion, it is all considered MODIFIED.

  6. response to anonymous above...
    You're point is accurate, but I think its pretty obvious we're ALWAYS talking about 10-man Modified. Do we really need to differentiate when nobody is playing 9-man (except for the "sling/bunt-steal" league)?iukie

  7. Blondie, you are right when you say that I was raised in country of hired guns & slingers but I will say my views are not polluted. Had they been polluted the league that I am leading wouldn't be heading into the direction it's heading into now.

    Sling is a more fun game and when you get a hit against a hit against a sling pitcher it's a more meaningful accomplishment.

    Wrist breaking? Everyone does it. Look at all the guys out there that throw a front hand riser or a snap drop. They are breaking their wrists.

    Again, before we look at the wrist, elbow and arm why do we so quickly overlook the footwork, steps and rocking which is where a pitcher gets their strength?

    AKA Reformed Slinger