Saturday, May 5, 2007

Saturday Softball

For some reasons softball on Saturday's usually sucks.

I always though this was weird. I mean most people work all week and you would think that the fievrue's (Spanish for someone with the fever to play) would be out in full force on Saturday to do the weekend warrior thing.

But in reality softball on Saturday's generally suck. - Weird but true

Top Ten Reasons why Softball on Saturday's sucks

10. After waking up early for 5 days in a row - it's hard to wake up early on Saturday to play
9 Friday night is a big drinking night - makes it tough to recover and play Saturday
8. A lot of people still work on Saturdays - Let's be honest most of the better players ain't exactly CEO's of IBM - softball is the working man's game - so cabbies, construction workers doorman's, clerks, delivery man all have to work on Saturday's
7. Watered down league - most of the league's that play on Saturday's let to many bum teams in their league making competition a joke. The better players would rather stay home than play in garbage time
6. Saturday's is a big multi-tasking day - run errands, take kids to little league or soccer, barbecues, clean the house, make the wife happy - Sunday is usually Dad's day
5. Saturday is like an extreme softball day - the better leagues are either lob or windmill - their is no clear defined niche for the established modified player
4. Pickup softball in Central Park is big lots of heads playing out there. Too bad most of those heads are headcases "La Liga de los Locos" - playing there can be hazardous to your health
3. Saturday is goon day - a lot of young kids who don't know how to play come out - they talk trash, drink, dress and act all ghetto -This lowers the quality of the game
2. All the money in softball is played for on Sunday - the lower the league fee usually means the lower the competition - This does not hold true in Gunny's league where the money is good but the field quality (54th street) is the worse in the city - make the game a chore and not fun

and the Number One Reason Playing Softball on Saturday's Sucks

1. A league commissioner hasn't found a way to make it work yet - It's ain't easy as points 10-2 show - but it can be done - I have confidence my boy Steve Jimenez will make it happen in Central Park one day - HOLLER!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. As for me - any day is a good day for softball -a true fievrue always believes that

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