Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Morning Manager - Full Tank of Gas and Nowhere to Go

This week the team I managed on Sundays, Gallagher's, had a bye ( no game ) on
Mother's Day ( Happy Belated Mother's Day by the way ) so there was NO SOFTBALL FOR YOU! as we had the week off

True softball fievrues ( fievrue means fever to play softball in Spanish) hate byes.

Top Ten Reasons I hate Softball Byes

10. I have a full tank of gas and nowhere to go.
9. There is something wrong about a sunny day with no softball. I feel guilty being inside.
8. Limits my blog topics
7. Makes coming back 2 weeks later feel like a new season - messes with the flow of things.
6. All my non softball playing friends have plans and don't answer my calls.
5. Too much time on my hands to think about the real world.
4. My family mentally tortures me on bye weeks. Tells me I should spend more time with them and cruel stuff like that
3. I get calls from others players with nothing to do who sound equally bored.
2. Frosted Flakes get soggy if you leave them in milk too long - same thing happens to players on byes.

and the Number One Reasons I hate Softball Byes

1. No games of course - duh!!!!!

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