Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Live by the Sling Die by the Sling

Sling is a pitching motion that allows the pitcher to whip the ball over his head and to his side that generates maximum speed and velocity making him nearly impossible to hit.

Unless a league sanctions this "open" style of pitching it is considered illegal.

Tonight we faced a premier paid sling pitcher "Solito" ( in English that literally means Alone ) and he blew us away striking out nine ( Myself twice - no big surprise there). We didn't lose but we didn't win either as our "legal" modified pitcher Simon threw a shutout and the game ended tied after 8 innings due to darkness (ties have no place in softball, but I'll blog about that another time).

Anyway, the reason pitchers sling is obvious it let's them blow away hitters - duhh.

But Why don't umps call illegal pitches.

That can only be a prelude to a Top Ten

Top Ten Reasons Ump do not Call illegal pitches

10. Are you kidding me? That would only slow down the game and make them actually work
9. Like #10 stated Sling speeds up the game and that means umps get paid faster - HOLLER!!
8. Umps follow the Officer Bar Brady philosophy from South Park "NOTHING TO SEE HERE PEOPLE NOTHING TO SEE"
7. Umps don't want to cause additional controversy - They simply don't want to call it
6. Umps and Paid Sling Pitchers are both in this softball thing to make money together. It would be bad business for everyone involved if they were honest and followed the rules
5. No Respect for the game
4. Like most government officiating in softball is governed with corruption and dirty politics
3. Umps do not know the rules - why should they know the rules they are paid to interpret - that would make too much sense
2. Intimidation - Umps don't want to be followed back to their car

and the #1 Reason Umps don't call Illegal pitches

1. They don't have the balls to do it - It only takes one man to make a difference but they are scared to challenge the obvious.

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