Monday, May 28, 2007

The Others

On the Hit TV Show Lost the plane crash survivors are stranded on an Island and soon realize the are not alone. They learn that a weird group of people are also there with them - They are called the Others.

In Softball the players are also not Alone. There are "Others" there with them as well.

How are they?
What do they want?
Let's find out

Top Ten Softball "Others"

10. Sun Bathers on the great Lawn. They lay down right in the middle of the field, then get angry when they are asked to move or get hit. Today for example some young 15 year old girl who looks like she watches TRL religiously was struck by line drive in the face while lying on her blanket in a bikini. I personally have crashed into or stepped on other sun worshippers - nothing like getting a tan in the dangerous line of fire. Retards.
9. Smokey - smokes weed and drinks liquor like most people inhale oxygen. Sells overpriced drinks and beers to unprepared softball players.
8. Lou from West - doesn't play, doesn't manage, coaches 1st base - does put on his cleats
7A. Tie - Chelo, Legendary Inwood Groundskeeper - Drinks Johnny Walker for Breakfast. Speaks some hardcore Spanish language that only someone born in the deep hills of the Dominican country can understand. Very Good heckler
7B. Nice Dominican lady who sells pastelittos, pasteles, rice, beans, beer and lemonade at Inwood. She is one phone call away from being deported.
6. Inconsiderate generic wandering people who walk across the outfield grass trying to cut across the park and interrupt a game in progress and then have the audacity to act surprised and insulted when they get yelled at - Classic.
5. Ghetto Guy selling hot softball equipment - Beware of crackheads selling gloves "that they found" and people selling nasty bottled water. Kid in Red Hook sold repackaged tap water for $1
4. Taryn - CP Softball Groupie - Who is she? Is she really a Real Estate agent? Why does she flirt so much? Why does she go to all the games?
3. Edgar Gonzalez Sr - old school great player. Retired due to age and injuries - ruthless heckler
2. Parents who let their innocent kids play with Vladamir from pickup. Vlad is a nice guy and good to kids but he isn't exactly the role model that you want your kids playing with. The man argues every pitch in pick up and believes Pro Wrestling is real.

and the Number One Softball "Other"

1. Umpires - like the Others on lost - have their own agenda and play outsides the fair rules of society


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