Sunday, May 27, 2007

House Cleaning

While performing the rare task of cleaning my apartment I couldn't help but compare cleaning up a house to cleaning up a softball team

Top Ten Ways Cleaning Up Your House is Like Cleaning Up a Softball team

10. It's a dirty job that can only be best done by you
9. You really don't want to do either but it just has to do get done for the betterment of all parties involved
8. Both require you airing and throwing out your garbage
7. Both require blood, sweat, and tears. Sacrifice. You gotta get down on your hands and knees and scrub away all the scum
6. You smell after doing both
5. Both involve causalities - when cleaning out your crib you throw out old shit you loved but you have no use for anymore. Same thing in softball. You have to nicely ask players that don't fit your systems to leave. You might win in the long run but you lose something along the way
4. No matter how hard you work someone else takes the credit
3. Both are thankless jobs
2.When you clean your crib someone like your wife or mom criticize you and when you try and rebuild a team someone out there always has something to say.

and the Number One way Cleaning Up Your House is Like Cleaning Up a Softball team

1. Both jobs are never ending - No matter how much you clean or how much you lose the job never ends.

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