Saturday, May 26, 2007


It's Memorial Day weekend!!!!!! Time for Barbecues, beach, family, friends, and softball????

Most softball played during Memorial weekend is either the tournament or pickup variety. But the whole Holiday thing got me thinking about Holiday's and softball.


Top Ten Holidays and their relationship with Softball

10. Easter is at the Beginning of spring and softball begins in the spring - a perfect combination
9. Ground Hogs Dog - a bullshit holiday made up only to give people hope that winter is ending. But in the classic movie Groundhogs day the main Character Billy Murray kept reliving the same day over and over again until he got it right, while in the game softball we keep reliving our same mistakes over and over again until we get it right.
8. July 4th - the ultimate American Holiday. Unfortunately not much softball is played on July 4th so no relation. Only connection is that everyone gets drunk and high and says oh and ah a lot
7. Labor Day - no one works on Labor day which equates to mucho softball - lots of games to go around - plus most of the best softball players don't work in real life anyway.
6. Roshashana - all my teams sponsored by my Jewish players have byes on Roshashana
5. Thanksgiving - We give thanks for all we have on gobble gobble day - It also marks the end of the softball season - except Yorkville ( we'll discuss them another time)
4. Columbus Day - 3rd Day Weekend Love baby - Columbus Discovered America, Rick and Blonde discovered Inwood Fall softball - Best fall league in NYC!!!!! - check out
3. MLK Birthday - MLK had a dream of quality. Citysoftball had a dream of modified equality with no slingers and wringers
2.Christmas - is the biggest of all Holidays where we long ago forgot about peace on earth and sold out to a commercial holiday. Softball long ago sold out the love of the game to paying pitchers and corrupt leagues and umps - Money and geed ruins everything

and the number one Holiday associated with Softball

1. Halloween - Trick or Treat - Halloween is every freaks, sluts, and weirdo's delight. So is softball. Much props to Dio Jackson who dresses up every year in Inwood and keeps the fun alive!!!!!!!!! Holler!!!!!!

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