Sunday, May 13, 2007

When a Bad Day gets Worse

Usually I just suck, yesterday I really sucked. I made at least 2 mental errors and 3 overall errors yesterday. Throw in horrible hitting and some bad luck and it just as one of those days.
What are you going do? No one is going to feel sorry for you. Just gotta go back out there and take it play by play and try and make some positive progress.

OK enough Scrubby Ricky sob story, the bigger issue yesterday was when a teammate made a bad situation even worse.

In the top of the first our opponent scored 6 runs and needless to say that's a horrible way to start the day. We made an error (me of course) , they hit, our pitcher walked some guys, and we were throwing the ball around like retards. It happens. But when things are going bad the smart player gets calmer and more leveled headed. Not our team. Everyone lost their mind. We had this one player who absolutely lost his mind because he was batting 9th. The guy complaining knows how to play but he isn't exactly a stud. He said he was "personally embarrassed by batting 9th, drove 2 hours to get to the game, the other team was coming up to him and making fun of him ", blah blah blah all that bitch shit". The softball gods took care of him later for opening his big mouth as he struck out later in the day (he later quit or was thrown off the team whatever I don't care) . Needless to say the damage to our team was done because once one dog starts barking all the dogs start to bark". I felt like the team got down, was nervous and edgy and the chemistry was shaky almost like everyone was walking on egg shells. Luckily in the second game, Edgar Jr pitched a good game, everyone shut their mouth, and we won the nightcap.

The morale of the story is, never complain about selfish petty stuff like where you bat in the lineup -It's not where you bat that matters its how you hit. Just relax and play ball

Ok enough babbling, time for a Top Ten

Top Ten Ways to make a bad day worse

10. Point Fingers at your teammates. This is weak. Help each other out. That's what winners do
9. Think too much - Just play the game aggressively
8. Press - trying too hard is a sure fire way to do worse - try and relax
7. Argue with Umpire - this is ghetto and a waste of time - Like Jay-Z said in one of his songs "Never argue with fools because from a distance no one can tell who is who"
6. Quit - not an option - Losers quit
5. Feel sorry for yourself. No one else is so don't do it
4. Get Violent - Ugly
3. Complain and bitch about where you bat, play, or about being benched - Just Shut Up
2. Talk Trash to either your team or the opponent - shows no class

and the Number One Way to make a bad day worse

1. Argue with you teammates on the field for the whole park to see - keep things private - fighting on the field is embarrassing. It's like arguing with your wife/girl in public. A definite No No.

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