Thursday, May 3, 2007


Like the song says "Cause it's one, two, three strikes yer out that's they old ball game" - the game was deigned for every batter to have 3 strikes (chances) and 4 balls in every at bat.

In softball some leagues have a 1-1 count.

Meaning that when a batter steps in the batting box he has 1 ball and 1 strike on him

Like Chris Rock says "THAT AIN'T RIGHT!!!!

With 2 exceptions

(1) Lob Ball - Lob ball is a game where the pitcher is not allowed to throw fast - hence the term lob. In this case I fully believe in the 1-1 count and limiting the number of foul balls a batter is allowed. I mean, throwing the ball softly goes against the very nature of the game. So making it 1-1 gives the pitcher at least a fighting chance and speeds up a slow high scoring game.

(2) Central Park Pickup Softball - All games should be 1-1.
4 Key Several Reasons
(1) Pickup softball has no edge, no meaning - you play just to play. So you want to play more, A 1-1 count will make the game quicker and you can actually play more games
(2) Pickup softball has no umps - so the buddy system is used - What happens is that the ump is either inexperienced, horrible or a cheater - the games are too long and slow
(3) Most of these guys go up looking for walks cause they know they can't hit. They duck underneath pitches, foul off lob pitches intentionally, hustle umps - walks make a game slow and boring. 1-1 would help reduce his problem.
(4) Most of the guy who play pickup are either way out there mentally, too dumb to find their way home, or just a plain menace to society and quickening the game would get them off the street and make life safer for everyone - so 1-1 would help make the park a safer place

But most of the time the 1-1 count sucks

Top Ten Reasons Why playing softball to a 1-1 count sucks

10. The game is being rushed. The beauty of baseball is that time has no meaning. You earn your outs - they are not timed or given away
9. It's greedy - faster game means more games/teams in the league - more money for the commissioner and umps
8. It gives the pitcher a huge advantage - Hitting is hard enough
7. It's ghetto
6. The game doesn't need anything to make it better - It's beautiful - leave it alone - just play
5. 1-1 Shows no respect for the game -the softball field is like church to players.
4. It's retarded - turns softball into a 4x4 sprint instead of a game
3. Most 1-1 leagues also have a foul ball limit - 2 fouls and your out - also ghetto and unfair
2. Most people are too stupid to remember that the 1-1 count rule - always asking around to find out the rule, very annoying

and the Number One Reasons playing softball to a 1-1 Count Sucks

1. Lowers the quality of the game - Makes a hitter think and swing at bad pitches, umps are strike happy to get the game over with, bottom line it sucks

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