Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Morning Manager - ManagerSpeak

It's been a few days since I last blogged (I'm sure everyone enjoyed that) and I have several blog topics stirring around in my sick demented mind so let's get to it.

A term I use a lot is managerspeak - It means phrases or words that a manager uses to say one thing but really means something else or at least something much more deeper.

Top Ten Managerspeak Phrases used

10. "Know Your Role" - translation you suck but because your my boy, never complain, and pay the ump fee I will get you in the game.
9. "Stay with Me" - translation your on the bench b/c I have someone better to replace you
8. "Get the Easy out" - translation I don't trust you. You like to make the fancy ESPN web gem plays and always mess up the sure easy outs and give me a heart attack
7. "Your getting a courtesy runner" - translation you either fat, slow, lazy or a stud player who pretends to be hurt
6. "Just worry about yourself and let me worry about the team" - translation Shut Up!!!!!!
5. "We win as a team and we lose as a team" translation don't bitch and complain when things go wrong just play you big baby
4. "We played a good game" translation We lost
3. "Stay Focused" translation put down the beer, weed, and cellphone
2. "Fellas Bring it in for a second" translation You guys are horrible and you make me sick but we still have time to stop the bleeding and get our act together

and the Number One Managerspeak Phrases used

1. Tie "We need more pitching" translation "We need more pitching" "We need more hitting" translation "We need more hitting"

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