Friday, May 11, 2007

Softball Dishonor

Yesterday I suffered softball dishonor. I won a game on a forfeit.

For those of you who don't know what a forfeit is it is simply when your opponent does not have enough players to begin the game (most leagues let you start a game with 8 guys). If this happens then they are disqualified and you win a game that was never played.

If your on the team that loses by forfeit you can just blame the guys who didn't show and just blow it off. But if your on the team that wins by forfeit it is much worse. It's down right dishonorable.

Top Ten Reasons Winning by Forfeit is dishonorable

10. Your supposed to win on the field. Winning by a technicality diminishes your honor. It implies that you needed the help of a rule to win a game rather than you skill as a softball warrior.
9. The Forfeiting team usually yells at you something like "You only won because we didn't have all our guys". While this may not be necessarily true there is no way for you to defend yourself because no game was played - more dishonor
8. You still have to pay the ump fee. Another dishonorable task because you paying someone for a No Show job this makes you feel cheated and used - more dishonor
7. You go through so much just to get to the field - rush out of work, get a babysitter, fight traffic, lie to your wife and for what? To win a game that was never played? It makes you feel that other people are disrespecting your way of life.
6. If your the manager, the worse is when your very own players somehow some way blame you for the other team not showing up. The belittle your authority saying you made them waste their time. I've had moronic players ask me "Did you call the other team? Are you fucking kidding me? Call the other team? Makes you feel like your fighting your own team.
5. The worse forfeit to win by is when you actually play the game and lose, but the loss is reversed because the manager of your team protested the roster of the other team for an illegal player. Even though they are 100% right because the other team cheated, your team will always be dishonored because the other team will call you a scared bitch. As a word to the wise, question your opponents roster before a game to save yourself this embarrassment.
4. If you love the game you always want to play - Winning by forfeit disrespects your love.
3. If you win by forfeit everyone on your roster earns a game of eligibility. It's a shiesty way for you to manipulate the rules to your advantage and sneak a stud player onto your roster for the playoffs. While this is no fault of your own it does manipulate a loophole in the system and disrespects the integrity of the game.
2. Their is no other way to say it - Winning on a Forfeit sucks it is a major disappointment. It's like a hot girl you met at the club never calling you back. You feel dissed and dismissed.

and the Number One Reason Winning by Forfeit is Dishonorable

1. The other team forfeiting is dating like a girl that never puts out. When you date a girl and take her to nice places, walk her home, spend money/time , call her, buy condoms, and she doesn't produce. It's so frustrating because she kisses you, rubs up on you, talks dirty to you but never wants to go all the way. You feel like your manhood has been disrespected. The same thing happens in a softball forfeit. You do everything for the game but you get nothing back in a forfeit - it insults your manhood and you feel dishonored.

It's the same

The losing team didn't respect you enough to call the league ahead of time and concede the game. They made you shlep all teh way to the game and stand out there for like an hour just to
annoy you. Ity's like they said "Yeah we didn't show up but we are going to hurt you most by making you put on your softball gear, go the field, warm up

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