Thursday, May 31, 2007


NY Post has been all over Arod claiming that he is having an affair so let's break it down via the Top Ten

Top Ten Reasons Arod is possibly having an affair

10. Closet asshole!!!!!!!! - Arod is like the Man - always says the corporate political stuff but deep down you know something ain't right

9. That's the way playahs play MVP!!!!!! MVP!!!!! MVP!!!

8. Wants to reestablish his True Dominican Latino male macho stereotype that he destroyed when he played for USA in the World Classic instead of the Dominican Republic

7. The pressure of not being recognized as True Yankee by goon fans has thrown him into depression and he needed to get hit off

6. He and his 250 Million Dollar contract get lonely on the road
5. It's all a hustle - he and the NY post set this up so they can sell some papers - people are sick of reading about Lindsey Lohan and Brittney Spears
4. Lashing out for attention now that Roger Clemens is showing up - Look at me!! Look at me!!! Look at me!!!

3. After his hot start at the plate he's cooled off and is looking for a slump buster - maybe he can't buy a hit but he can rent some incredible sex
2. Give Evil Met fans something to talk trash about

And the Number One Reason Arod is possibly having an affair

1. Depressed about the slow start to the Yankee Season and needs a little pick me up - literally

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