Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Making a Lineup - Go for the kill!!! or Death Before Dishonor

Perhaps the hardest choice any manager has to make is balancing loyalty vs winning.

Some managers are ruthless as women shopping for shoes at the mall when writing out a lineup. They don't give a rats ass who's in the way, they came here to get what they want and they don't want anyone getting between them and their manolo shoes, I mean victory.

While other managers are loyal to a fault sticking with "their guys" willing to go down with the titanic and leave the lifeboats to women and children first. Death before Dishonor is their mantra.

My wise softball master, Yoda Juan Moreiras, taught me the following rule. "Padwon  search your feelings for the truth. Always guarantee everyone at least 1 game. Never ask anyone to be on your team that is not capable of helping your team. Be fair and trust your instincts." These words are some really deep shit. Unfortunately, in the selfish me me me world of softball it''s a lot easier said than done.

So here are my Top Ten Rules for making Lineup when you have too many guys

10. Rule 10 involves the number 11 - Use 11 hitters only if your not facing a stud pitcher. 11 man lineups generally suck - they are too long but against so so pitching it's OK. Against stud pitching use 10.
9. Weak minds write lineups first - Great minds set their defense first
8. Don't mess with your top 5 hitters if they are there - ever
7. Favor the red hot hitters
6. Show loyalty to guys who deserve it - guys who play well, smart and hard that give you no problems.
5. Don't move someone who wines and complains up in the lineup - softball gods are sure to punish them for opening their mouth.
4. Limit the number of guys who use a courtesy runner in your lineup - if your not hurt you should never need a runner - it goes against the nature of the game
3. Never let personal feelings get in the way -always think of the team first
2. Never bat the guy who paid for the team high in the lineup if he doesn't deserve it - This sets a bad vibe for the team - It's like that Lotto commercial where the guy buys the team and sucks.

and the Number One Rule When Making a Lineup when you have too many guys

1. Regular Season everyone plays - sometimes you have to lose a battle to win a war - Playoffs is a different story - Go for Kill!! You have to because you know the manager across from you will not give you any breaks. It's Do or Die - There is No Tomorrow!!!!!!

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