Monday, June 4, 2007

Get Wacked

I haven't blogged in a while. I guess I've been too busy watching TV - especially one of my all time favorite shows that Sopranos.

On the Sopranos, one of the most Popular terms is "Get Wacked" - that means killed off, swimming with the fishes, turned off, you get the picture.

Anyway, in Softball who should "Get Wacked" - not literally just in a softball sense

Top Ten People in the Softball World that Should "Get Wacked" out of the modified Softball World

10. Al Morales - President of Yorkville Sports - Greed is Good is his motto - worse value dollar for dollar in all of softball - has a monopoly on the fields in NYC
9. All umps afraid to call an illegal sling pitch - That might not be possible b/c then there would be hardly any umps left. Cowards.
8. CJ - EMS - nice guy - Big Time Hustler- anyone that makes you play 2 games in 2 hours has to go. Might be spared getting wacked b/c he looks like an older Jamie Foxx and the hit man might get confused.
7. Rick - sends out obnoxious blogs to decent hard working people who happen to play softball
6. Fat Freddy Pelham and 259th street - invented the following softball math formula that has ruined softball in the Bronx : Faster Games + More teams = More $$$ = Watered Down Competition
5. OJ and Camacho - former Bob League umps that now work the Lawyer league - Flat out suck and do not respect the game. They lie and cheat players and like Al Pacino said in Godfather I that makes me angry because it insults my intelligence
4. John Rosenmiller - excellent manager of Choice Parts - he is a master manipulator - evil dark lord of the Sith - Master of the darkside
3. Dio Jackson - Highlanders - actually Dio is good for Softball because he tries to win and is an excellent recruiter but the only thing is he is like R Kelly "a Flirt" don't bring your girl, I mean your best players around him at the field b/c he's a Flirt - Winning is an obsession
2. Parks Department Permit Office Workers- face it they have the power in softball - you control the field you control the league - never date a Park's department worker if something goes wrong - Hell Hath No Fury like a softball official scorned

and the Number One Person in the Softball World that Should "Get Wacked" out of the modified Softball World

1A. Sling Pitchers - go get paid in a 3 OF league with bunting, stealing and passed balls - stay out of Modified
1B. Sling Liars - you know who you are - people who bring slingers into a modified league and then argue that they are legal. Keep telling yourself that maybe you will believe it. No respect


  1. little ricky... scared aren't you?!
    you should double lock your doors every night and put that big stud across the door, cuban style!
    and check ebay often for a pair of cohones, which is spanish for balls.

  2. "stud across the door Cuban style" - hysterical! own up mr anonymous.