Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"I Got It I Got It",,, Turn up the Lights... Extra bright

 Unemployment line, credit card declined
Did I not mention I was about to lose my mind? 

.. Kanye West song  "Turn up the lights"

Every good player wants the ball on every play, without exception. However, relenting to a teammate that is calling you off is difficult until you build trust, confidence, and chemistry. The simple unwritten Rule in Baseball/Softball is : "If you have the better angle on the ball 

call off your teammate with the old fashion saying
"I Got It I Got It"

Otherwise the results can be disastrous. Take it from me I have been so overly focused, aggressive, and driven going after a ball that I have forgotten to yell "I Got It" and had my share of painful collisions.

But today is a different day and I definitely won't forget to yell
""I Got It I Got It"as I have obtained my dream job as a bond analyst with a hedge fund in the city starting right after labor day. As Mortirmer told Randolph in Coming to America "We're back"

(damn I wanted that clip in English but it's still funny and you get the idea)

In my case "I'm back" as after 4 interviews and submitting a detailed work sample (work world's version of a tryout) I have been hired as a consultant. Great exciting opportunity beginning right after Labor Day with a good firm, good people, in my industry. The last few years for the whole country have been difficult, as we have all been hurting. During this time I realize that the old saying "be kind to the people who you meet on your way up because they will be the same people you see on the way down", some assholes have forgotten that, but I haven't. My wife, family, and friends all looked out for me during this long difficult four years and I never gave up, was forced to sacrifice and humble myself.  Yes I can finally yell "I Got It" ... thank you all - Love You

Now that I've got it I have to do something with it

and Turn up the Lights Extra Bright, I want y'all to see this ...I am going all the way this time

P.S. I love the re-make by Karmin and since I am re-making my career I decided to post their version of the song. Feels Good

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