Saturday, August 18, 2012

SB Odd Couple

As a kid growing up I was a big fan of the TV Show "The Odd Couple"

Honestly, my love for Ketchup came from Oscar Madison's affinity for the condiment and maybe, just maybe, that's why I always wanted to be a sportswriter growing up.

Well Thursday in Central Park I was hired as a special replacement umpire for the Broadway Show League Co-Ed playoffs by legendary politician Butchy

on a very busy and fan

packed day in Central Park (came out to see Nick Jonas)

This day I was paired by my own Odd Couple Partner Softball legendary pitcher Franny Donovan

Fran I have "clashed" at times over the years and while this umpire combination was softball's version of the odd couple,  we found a way not to assume anything

After the game the insider caught up with Franny to discuss his umpiring philosophy.

Hopefully, the softball network will assign the SB odd couple as it deserves a second season.


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