Saturday, August 4, 2012

SB Mayhem

Love those funny AllState Mayhem commercials

as they drive home the point of the importance of insurance in life.

In Softball Mayhem happens all the time so ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Top Ten Mayhem Moments in Softball that Require Insurance

10. Pitchers not showing up Scenario 

You always have to have 3 pitchers. Always. Especially one strike throwing machine that you break glass in case of emergency and throw out there when your in dyer pitching straits

9. Up a run going into your last at bat Scenario - tight game up by one and this is your last at bat, a tack on run can give your team such a boost and at the same time deflate your enemy. Ultimate Insurance.

8. Injuries - They are just part of the long season. You need a deep roster of unselfish guys who can play multiple spots in a pinch. No one cares or feels sorry for you if you have injuries, you juts have to deal with them. Be prepared.

7. Only 9 Guys Scenario - You better have paid up your premium and hope your deductible isn't that big in this spot.

6. Too Many Guys Show Up Scenario - You only have 10-11 spots for 15 guys and your only playing one game. You can't make everyone happen. You just can't. Play your most loyal guys who you know will come back.

5. Bad Call Scenario - Even good umpires miss calls. Blatant bad calls can fuck with everyone head/focus. Your best insurance in this scenario is leadership. Love when I here guys say "We are playing against 11, the other 10 plus the ump". While that may be goonish it at least has a fighting spirit to it that is determined to overcome adversity.

4. Your Team throws the ball around Scenario - Such a No No. Throwing the ball around and giving up extra bases is cancerous. Teammates who constantly remind each other to throw to the right bases and hit cut-offs are your best insurance to prevent this disaster

3, Outfield Collision Scenario - Dangerous Play. I've been in many of these. Too Many. "I Got It" really works - try it. Also, "Mine", "Your", and preventive medicine/communication before plays transpire help prevent outfield collision mayhem.

2.  Weather Scenario - Rain. Wind. Heat. Cold  Wet Field- Out of control Mayhem scenario. Dress appropriately, bring the right equipment/supplies. Have a plan to try and cope. Warrior mentality needed.

 and the number one Mayhem Moment in Softball that Require Insurance

1.Run Down Play - Simple.The less throws the better and always and I mean always try and run the motherfucker back to the bases he is coming from. Also, backups needed. Don't be shy to help your teammates and back them up in this wild mayhem scenario.

Get Softball Insurance. You can be better protected from mayhem.

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