Thursday, June 28, 2012

Death of a Cost Basis Analyst... Kindest Cut of Them All

In the classic story

the main character is an aging, burned out, and mentally troubled businessman with deep family issues. He eventually gets fired and kills himself so that his oldest son can use the life insurance money to start a business. However, at the funeral his son decides that he does not want to become a businessman and instead his younger, care free son chooses to follow in his father's footsteps. Deep American beauty shit there.

While I have neither suicide plans nor any deep family issues, I still see a comparison with myself and the main character from Death of a Salesman. I am an aging, burned out, and a mentally troubled businessman. It’s definitely the Death of a Cost Basis Analyst as my temporary job ends tomorrow Friday June 29th as Changing positions just wasn’t for me. My release wasn’t handled in the classiest manner as I was originally told I was extended through August 31st only to have the offer unceremoniously and abruptly rescinded a few days later. But honestly I am so happy this gig is over as I didn’t wanted it or deserve it as much as the other temps
who were willing to play the corporate game during the recession.

There were good people there

and I wish them only the very best as this is definitely the case of where my release is a blessing. You see getting released in business in no different than sports as the reasons in both can include:
  • Poor Performance - You Suck
  • Big Contract - Cut you to save $$$$$$
  • Injury
  • Bad timing
  • Bad luck
  • Recession – Salary Dump
  • Your a dick or loser
  • Politics
  • Public relations move
  • Age
  • Desire
  • Unwillingness to suck up to the Powers that be and play the game
Some athletes when they are released just tank it and get their check in the mail like Oliver Perez or Luis Castillo

while others like R.A. Dickey
and Jamie Moyer
show their character, class, determination, and pride to transcend their past performance to become so much more. Those are the guys that inspire me as I firmly believe that something great is just around the corner as when one door closes another soon opens up. Sometimes getting cut is a blessing and it’s all about how you handle it. Hell something great is already here as I have been working nights for my old boss on an attractive consulting opportunity.

Since this is the death of a cost basis analyst at least I still have Jack
on my side and here's hoping he puts me me in his Monday and Tuesday Centreal Park afternoons lineup.

Deep Softball Beauty There

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  1. If you go and play for Jack on Monday and Tuesday you must go down.