Friday, August 10, 2012

A More Noble Approach

Saturday is a tricky day for softball for a variety of reasons:
  1. For most people it is the day after the long work week has ended and people are tired
  2. Too much drinking on Friday
  3. Lots of guys work
  4. Need the day to run errands and unwind
  5. Spend time with the family, parties, commitments
  6. Parking is tough
  7. Goon Leagues
  8. Style of play - mostly co-ed, lob, or sling
Basically Saturdays are inconvenient and finding a good league to play in, for me anyway, has been a problem for years. This year however I have taken a more Noble Approach

to get my softball swerve on as I have played on Noble Avenue in the Bronx.

For years readers of this blog have been made aware of the differences between A96 and B96 in Manhattan , but truth be told, thanks to gentrification most of what used to belong and go on in A96 now exists in the Bronx. This year I tried something a little different and Noble Avenue has been my choice.

The league is not perfect:
  • Only 5 teams, so byes are common - sucks
  • No website. hell I honestly do not know the real name of the league. I just call it Noble Avenue
  • Games times are 12:30 or 3:30 and when you throw in Hispanic time that means 1 and 4:30pm.
  • Tagging up only from 3rd - Old school
  • It's a neighborhood league. Friendly , but you still have to be conscious of the fact that everyone is tight and has known one another for years. Don't start no trouble, won't be no trouble.
Positives of the league:

(1) Good Solid Balanced Competition

(2) Rivalries
(3) Nice Closed Field - no littering is allowed breaking the myth that Hispanics litter.
(4) Hispanic Heritage, Culture, and Pride

(5) You play Softball to house, salsa, and bachata music all day long
People even and can ask the DJ to change the music.
(5) Colorful Uniforms

 (6) Even more colorful Personalities

Love Danny, he's hilarious.

Damn good player as well.

(7) Good People

with real stories

(8) All Day Tailgating Hangout is on!!!!!!!

(9) Excellent Top Notch food

 the best I've seen in a while

My team has a cool hick name "Candela", which means Fire and positives regarding my team have been:

(1) We've had multiple uniforms (Blue and Red) - sponsorship 1-800-Candela

(2) Funny/Good Guys
(3)Solid Unified Focused Team with strong chance to go all the way

I've had adjustments on the team, like any other squad, but I've enjoyed the challenge and earned my place. These guys would never rather be somewhere else than the park. I can respect that as it is a truly Noble Softball Approach.

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