Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beware of AB Seekers

Every hitter

needs at bats (plate appearances) to sharpen their skill, face competition, gauge results, and
 make adjustments.

Wanting to get as many at bats as needed to get yourself going in and of itself is a good thing. In this game your are judged by your performance as a hitter. There is a selfish aspect to the game, but it has to be part of the overall team goal. As one of softball's wise men
taught me "I don't want guys on my team that look as this team as only an opportunity to get some at bats"

He feels these guys generally

  1. Don't slide
  2. Don't Lay out
  3. Don't Break Up Double Plays
  4. Don't Sacrifice
  5. Don't Hit a cut-off man
  6. Don't do other little things
  7. Don't Show up on Time
  8. Are undependable
Bottom Line: Lou 22 feels that  Players that "only show up only to get at bats really don't care about winning or losing". They only want to get their swings in and get out of dodge.  

I agree.
I've seen it as a manager. 
I still see it as a manager. 
I've seen it as a player. 
I've done it as a player. 

Like a hot looking girl 

who is selfish and self-centered beware of guys "looking to get their at bats" because apathy is one the worst thing you can have in softball and life. It's all about attitude, not only at bats.

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