Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Changing Positions

"Yo before I start this blog I just want to thank everybody for being so patient and bearing with me over these last 41 days while I figure this shit out"

One of the hardest things any players has to do is change positions. Some players adapt fairly well
Former Gold Glove SS A-Rod is a solid MLB 3B

others try really hard but are just ill suited to ever become serviceable   
Murphy at 2B? - hay dios - Horrible

and then you have the drama queens who begrudgingly move to a new spot
Hanley Rameriz "Diva"

Reasons most players hate "moving" to a new position include but are not limited to:
  1. Ego and Pride
  2. Prestige and Entitlement
  3. Selfish 
  4. Asshole
  5. Confidence
  6. Effects their hitting - Mental
  7. Pressure
  8. Fear of Embarrassment
  9. Admitting your walking the Softball Green Mile
  10. All the Above and more
Ironically I can relate to these feelings as recently I had to change positions in the business world just to earn a living. For years I was a damn good mortgage back securities analyst
 but the recession and a long 6 month unemployment spell forced me to take a temporary assignment during  tax season in Jersey City. I've tried really hard to be professional about the whole thing but the truth is I have had to swallow my ego as it has involved a non glamorous position consisting of
  • Long hours - I'm lazy at this job as I average like only 60-65 hours a week plus weekends
  • Less pay
  • Data entry and Horrible technology
  • Customer service ass kissing bullshit
  • New field - I don't know shit about cost basis accounting
  • Boring, check that beyond boring
  • Frustration - Mr Ronda your not the man anymore
  • Keeping my big fat mouth shut and swallowing my ego
  • and worse of all playing a lot less softball
The people are very nice but the job fucking sucks. I hate complaining because it has dug me out of a huge financial hole but it just does. I hate money and the uninspiring/uninteresting things we do to make it. I can't believe I once wanted to be a millionaire businessman.

I've been sad, edgy, and overwhelmed throughout this experience, but sometimes you just have to take one for the team

and swallow your pride and change positions in life.

Needless to say, this new gig has consumed me as I haven't written a blog in 41 days. However, I will not let this or any job take me prisoner anymore and take away the things I love. I love this blog and the writers block is over.  Time to remind everyone that it is more than just a game.



  1. Playyyyyyyyyyyy Ballllllllllllll!

  2. Survival is the first talent of any good ballplayer Rick. Hang in there!

  3. You're a great man Ricky. Things will get better. They always do.


  4. "Customer service ass kissing bullshit"
    Wait a minute. Was that your attitude when you were an analyst? When you were in financial services you had customers, otherwise known as clients. And kissing their ass was what you were supposed to be doing, in addition to helping them to make money.

  5. You are a victim of your own stupefying narcissism and self-entitlement.
    "Non-glamorous-job?" Who are you Brad Pitt? Welcome to the 99%. You are gonna get what you can, when you can, for whatever the man will give you. Be ready to kiss someone's ass to keep it.
    You are pissed because you don't have time to play softball? You and your "damn good analysts" were so damn good the industry collapsed and put millions of good people out of work and out of their homes. Instead of looking for a softball game you should first be in church asking for forgiveness and second, a place where you can volunteer to help those whose lives you and your peers trashed. Do any volunteering since you got laid off?

  6. Anonymous - lame. If you're gonna trash someone, no matter how misguided, put your name on it.

  7. Name on it beach

  8. Sorry, my comments may have been misguided and were uncalled for without attribution. I was incendiary and hyper-sensitive to certain issues raised, that was my problem and I hope there has been no harm.


  10. brad pitt where you at?.

  11. At least they give you dual monitors - nice!

  12. bashing and trashing where are you?.

  13. OK you wanted bashing and trashing here it is. I walk with the people, my friends, I don't sit in front of dual monitors sipping cappucino and complaining about my company reimbursed lunch from Sushi Samba. My pre-game meal was PB&J and Yoo-Hoo. The man never let me dress casual, I sweated out every day in my Sears-sucker suit and Bostonians. Then I had to change into my scratchy worsted wool softball uniform in a sticky company bathroom while some idiot begged me to give him a golden shower. I never swung a $349 DeMarucci softball bat, I swung wood with nails in the handle and barbed wire on the barrel, babies. Because that's the only way we did it. All of you bitches, that's right, all of you bitches better stop complaining and start thanking guys like me who paved the way so you whining idiots could frolic on city-owned parkland and eat your avocado salad or whatever kind of crap you leave laying around for the working man to clean up. That's it. You don't want to hear from me again. Believe it.

  14. I love this guy. come on prick i mean rick. one more blog please.

  15. I think he is scurd.

  16. When the game was real cost basis accounting was to give the guy in charge of the gang 10 bucks, on account of without that cost your car was gonna get stripped to its basis. My ass cost basis accounting.

  17. OMG. Still no blogging.

  18. just waiting........

  19. You told me its coming so I'm ready

  20. This is becoming unhealthy

  21. Hello
    Anyone here

  22. Bashing Barry,

    You are pathetic. Bitter and angry because you didn't go to a good college, because you didn't put in the hours studying and grinding or doing whatever you had to do to get that guap! Now your stuck in Sears bitter and angry and always looking fo someone to blame for your shortcomings in life. I'm sure you the guy at family functions blaming Mama for all her mistakes in raising an asshole like yourself. Please don't take this as a diss to anyone who is grinding in a non-galmorous position because Everyone has their own path in life. I do no like to judge aomeone based On their income or profession, whch is why Ifound that post so offensive.Ricky and his like did not case the Great Recession. Stop Believing everything you read. Look to the politicians and regualtors for that. Anyway, fuck you and yhe fucking Lopez Brothers!!!!

    -Big Henry

  23. dont forget,fuck ricky too for having this blog.