Thursday, August 23, 2012

Importance of the September Call Up

September 1st is the day whether MLB rosters expand from 25 players to 40. Negatives and Positives of this policy are as follows:
  1. Baseball is the only sport that plays all year with a set roster number and then at the most critical juncture of the season changes there player composition rule. Dumb.
  2. Teams can mix and match pitchers to cover up weaknesses. For example, pitch guys that no one has seen before for one inning/batter because they now have extra depth
  1. Clearly this rule was designed to give promising young players
 a taste of the big league experience
This year's Rookie of the Year and possible MVP favorite Mike Trout was a 2011 September call up

I'm always down for giving young hungry players a chance to display their skills, but perhaps the rule should be modernized. For example, allow a 40 man September Roster, but at game time your are only allowed to activate 25 players for that specific game. I know it's not perfect, but it will probably help a little and add another neat nerdy strategic element to a game whose very nature loves neat nerdy strategy.

September call ups are not limited to MLB. This year I am a September call up as I begin to reestablish my career as a bond analyst on September 5th, 2012. After 4 long years of tolling in the work world's version of the minors I have paid my dues and am ready for this last chance at a second chance. Like rookies called up to MLB in September I have to prove the following:
  • Gotta Produce - not only get the job done but excel at it.
  • Show flashes of excellent, but more importantly consistency and dependability
  • Team Player - now your boundaries, but at the same time not limit myself
  • Use all Fields - Can't be one dimensional , rigid, stubborn. Be smart. Use all your resources.
  • Hit the Cutoff - meet deadlines. 
  • Willing to Learn - can't be scared to ask questions, pick up the phone, hustle
  • Diligence - You can't get a hit every time, but you can adjust and keep it at it.
  • Sacrifice - early mornings, late nights, weekends, work through lunch - whatever it takes
  • Dedication - all over the above
  • Brains - a must
  • Heart - another must. 
  • Confidence - crucial in everything in life
They say don't be fooled by everything you see in a ball player in March (spring training) or September (40 man rosters), which is smart, but at the same time these are the opportunities new players get to shine. In the business world, September call ups like the one I am getting are few and far in between these days, so I am taking it seriously and hope to stick with the big club for a long time.

Welcome to Real Life rookie

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