Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pre-Game Myth or Fact? It's all in your head

We have all heard the old sports myth that sex before a competition reduces the players' performance.

However, many new school athletes claim that it helps you feel relaxed mentally and physically. They claim this contributes to reduced anxiety levels by distracting the mind from the competition. As result, they experience less mental fatigue, which is more dangerous than physical fatigue.

There is no scientific evidence that sex could alter an athlete's performance, but their can be counter-productive scenarios if you mix alcohol, cigarettes or lack of sleep.  Maria Cristina Rodriguez Gutierrez, director of sports medicine at the National Autonomous University of Mexico "Every athlete or player, professional or amateur, can have sex as long as he or she goes to bed early, hydrates, avoids mood altering drinks and cigarettes, because all this has a negative impact on their body." Sexual activities must never be prohibited to athletes, since there is no scientific evidence to support it. T Research has shown that this activity does not influence an athlete's performance, "much less if it's with a steady partner. However, one-night stands could alter a player's performance because these emotional situations wear you out more than physical ones." ," said Rodriguez. 

I like Maria's attitude. 

Rodriguez said the only case in which the effects of sex might be counterproductive is in combat sports.
"For combat athletes like fighters or boxers, having sex before an important fight can reduce the aggressiveness and make them passive," although effects vary from person to person.

Where does that leave softball?

The way I look it at it is: Isn't the object in our game to be safe at home?

So as long as your are safe 

or monogamous I say definitely Play Ball before Playing Ball. All those other myths shouldn't get into your head, if you know what I mean - lol

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