Thursday, August 2, 2012

9 Lives

Baseball is a 9 man game, but softball is generally played with 10 players. On occasion though you might only get 9 guys to show up and you have to revert to your old school baseball roots. Being short a player causes obvious defensive problems/adjustments, but in crisis moments like these it is best to remember the old saying "that a cat has 9 lives" to find a way to survive.

I usually Top Ten but considering this is a 9 player situation, I will only Top 9 in honor of my favorite feline of them all Anne Hathaway 

who brilliantly played CatWoman in the most recent Batman film (and it gives me an excuse to browse the web and post amazingly sexy hot pictures of her - yes I am 16)

Top 9 ways to Deal With only 9 Guys showing up

9 Lead

do not follow. Play Hard. Hustle. A team needs to see its manager giving them his all (You can follow CatWoman though)

8. Put people where they are most comfortable

Everyone is stressed out enough as is, just let them play

7. Don't look back.

Don't worry about who is not here, just focus on the task at hand.

6. Attitude and Confidence

If a man thinks he is going to die, then he will find a way to die. You have to maintain your swagger and belief in yourself/teammates.

6. Be bold

Don't be afraid to make an unconventional lineup or give new players a chance. Desperate times call for desperate measures
5. Fearless
Only fools have no fear, but you have to face it in this scenario. Do not panic as you really have to dig down deep and be brave. 

  4. Think about your assets

Yes I'm a perv with that shameless innuendo, but what I mean is that use the 9 man situation to your advantage. 9 guys means more at bats, no arguing over playing time, more lineup turnover. Your best defense is clearly a good offense on this evening.

3.  Adversity reveals character

 They say losing doesn't build character, it reveals it. Well when your short guys you are really going to find out which one of your guys (including yourself) really wants to play.

2. Don't worry about being pretty.
This is a win ugly scenario. Just try and find a way to get it done. Pitching, defense, base running, hitting. Find a way

 and the #1 way to Deal With only 9 Guys showing up
1. Do it Yourself!!!

Fuck those assholes for not showing up. Do it yourself.

P.S. I am not stalking Anne. I'm not. I'm not I'm not

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