Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to Properly Handle the BackHand

Since we were little most of us were properly taught to get in front of the ball when fielding.
However, depending on the angle, trajectory, and speed of the ball sometimes we are forced to use the backhand

to make the play instead

In life most of us were taught to look someone in the eye, give our word/opinion, and be sincere. Many of my blog readers, get in front of me to:

1. Show Good Nature and Support

2. Be Political - tell you what you want to hear
3. Show Mutual respect built over the years

Others readers/critics prefer to use the backhanded instead, that is by either giving inadvertent or calculated backhand compliments. A backhanded compliment may fool the listener, but the compliment remains "backhanded" because the speaker is being intentionally slighting and insulting. 

Inadvertent Backhand Compliments examples include:
  • "You had a lot of time on your hands b/c that was a Great Posting" 
  • "I didn't know you were so smart I'm impressed. “You are sure smarter than you look."

Examples of backhand compliments that are cold, calculated, and defensively self-serving 
  • "Your piece was intelligent, but egotistical and self-serving" 
  • "I like your writing, but you should do a piece on me or my team b/c it would be way better." 
  • "Good work but you left me out of your work on purpose" 
  • Anything written with a mean agenda by Mr./Mrs. Anonymous
When you write a public forum you put yourself out there for criticism and you have to take it, listen to it, sort through it, learn from it, and continue to progress as an artist. I mean how would you ever get better if you only listen to what you wanted to hear.

I may be loud and aggressive on the field, but when it comes to make my work as a writer I keep my ideas low key. I avoid eye contact when discussing the blog because if I do that then it opens a door for conversation, like I want that... I'm not looking for extra attention I just want to be just like you blend in with the rest of the crowd and let the stories/ideas flow. Blogs come naturally from life and I always try to get in front of an issues and avoid the backhand b/c if you unnecessarily play something on the side then it might get by you.

Be weary of the backhand, both on and off the field.

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