Sunday, August 3, 2014

Game Ball goes to Wounded Warrior

Softball and Real Life Warrior Lou "22" Gonzalez has been battling illness with a lengthy hospital stay,

but is now home and recovering nicely, albeit slowly, with his family.

Instead of sending a generic "get well soon" card,  Choice Parts signed two game balls for their fallen teammate/friend to let him know he is in their hearts and thoughts. Even an evil empire has a soul.

Lou has earned thousands of game balls for outstanding performance, leadership, and ability to play through injuries throughout they years, but this ball he earned out of respect,loyalty, and admiration.

Get Well Soon Brother can't Wait to hear you going psycho out there in 2015.

Softball Warrior #22


  1. Boot Camp Lou , one of the very best !

  2. #22
    Softball HOF

  3. Get well soon my Brother! One of the BEST TO DO IT!

  4. Lou... Welcome Back & See you soon in NYFPl Playoffs...

    King Blue.