Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sb LetDown...No Honor

After winning a thrilling playoff game yesterday, The softball gods showed me how fickle they are today as I was punished by winning the 54th Street Wednesday Nigh Championship by forfeit. No Honor

The softball gods punished me further as longtime Charter Fabric manager Bob Morello
Bob Donating to Charity

picked a good week to go on vacation and leave Guby in Charge

The punishment continued as we played a meaningless half hearted pickup game and the final straw of
punishment was that I gave up a semi-final in Central Park NY Fast Pitch to show up at 54th street tonight.

Sorry Softball Gods. Tonight was bad


  1. That sucks. The team was in queens and 145th playing. That's what happens when you take on guys who have priority in other leagues. For all that they should of let the highlanders play in the chip. I played with rain makers and that was bs.

  2. Yes, that definitely sucks. Years ago, the Weintraub team was up, 1 game to none in finals and we were leading by a run in the 6th inning of game 2 when it was suspended for darkness. We were supposed to pick up the next day...I was leading off the 6th and the other team called and said they couldn't show and were forfeiting. I felt SO let down that after work I went out to the was in North Meadow back then...and just staired at the diamond! Such a let down!!