Saturday, August 23, 2014

MAJOR NEWS "B/C It's More Than Just a Game" Softball Tournament September 20th

Between the lines there is no question that Softball is only a game, but outside the lines there is no doubt that 
"It is More Than Just a Game". 

It is a
  • Forum - to express views
  • Personal Challenge to improve and prove others wrong
  • Cherished Friend - When things are good you feel so young, so happy, so fulfilled.
  • Cruel fickle game at times. The Softball Gods exists and their vengeance is swift and blinding.
  • Social Experience to enjoy - Drinking, Partying, laughter
  • Diversity training for people above and below 96th street of all races, religions, and colors
  • Way of creating wonderful and painful memories that we cherish or motivate us.
  • Escape from reality - for 7 innings their is no war, no politics, no money, no disease. Just competition
On September 20th, I am going to prove that Softball is "More Than Just a Game" as my softball warriors and I will go to battle against Cancer by playing a competitive Tournament in Inwood Hill Park

Cancer is relentless and does not discriminate.We have all lost to CancerI hate losing and I hate this dreadful disease. To fight back we have to be relentless and this is my way of doing something about it.

My Charity is: The Cancer Research Institute

I carefully selected this charity because I wanted one that used a large percentage of donation dollars to fight Cancer and, more importantly, they are trying to prevent Cancer using Immunotherapy, That's smart and forward looking. 

Charity Game Details

Basic Rules:

Additional Donations opportunities such as :

  • Bid on home team; You can donate extra money to be the home team. Top Bidder wins. 
  • Bid on using a new ball anytime; Minimum $20 donation to Charity. 
  • Bid on picking a field for the Championship game. 
Fundraising on this event is not limited to participating teams. As individuals and businesses are strongly encourages to donate to the Cancer Research Institute. We are all in this together. Cancer has to be stopped. 

I've set up a Facebook page for this event at : 

and for additional information please contact me directly via email at 
or phone at 646-337-3535.

Remember ... "It's More Than Just a Game" 

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