Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Jimmy Myers has been playing softball in Central Park since 1986 and played with many great players. Tonight at Championship party for Late Show team, he was given an award by Curt Chaplin a person who has played and managed teams he played on. 

He was inducted into Radio Free New York Hall of Fame , a softball franchise he has started since the late 70's and wanted to honor players who played with or against him in Central Park and he started inductees in 2006, he earned top 10 status and this great honor.

Jimmy said " it surprised and meant a lot to me and the greatest award comes from the respect you get from your peers on the field and this makes my greatest moments in my life. Curt painted this ball and made it a great night!!!!! I can't thank him enough."

Curt Chaplin called Jimmy "a leader" "it was MY honor. and not just me, everyone in Central Park"

Class Act and Peer Jonathan Libman commented "normally I would make a wise crack (which I still may) but you believed in me way back when I was a rookie and I am proud to say I played with/ and against you and enjoy every inning."

Elizabeth A. Burbach Gallardo "Awesome! Congratulations, Jimmy. So proud of you. And proud to have played for and against you. You always teach me something. Even if I don't want it . Mr. Chips!!"

Jim Bitros "Congratulations Jimmy. Some people make a difference and you are one of them."

The guy is a True Gamer.

Well done


  1. Congratulations Jimmy
    You are definitely a GAMER

  2. Jimmy way to go buddy...